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 Hi !! and an Introduction with photos ...

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PostSubject: Hi !! and an Introduction with photos ...   Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:35 am


I joined the SIG some months back, then got so busy I had no time to introduce myself or take part in the forum -- hopefully this corrects some of that.

I am a Yank -- have to get that out of the way -- retired US Army currently living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I started building models about 1951-ish and have continued off and on since then. My interests have changed over the years, but are now pretty much settled on British subjects -- air, military, naval -- in the WW1 into early WW2 period. A sub-set of that is an interest in the old Airfix, Frog, and Matchbox kits and I am a member of the Classic British Kits SIG, as, I see, are other SPLASH SIG members.

I first became interested in seaplanes in October 1959 when the Stranraer was the Aircraft Described in Aeromodeller. I even did some drawings to make one of wood, but didn't get very far. Anyway, I've built a few sea/float planes over the years, right now averaging about one a year -- which isn't all that bad considering my completion rate of everything is in single-digits.

I don't think I'll do much "in-person" support of the SIG, but will certainly try to be a contributor.

Anyway, here's a gallery of my recent builds.

The plane that started it all, the Matchbox Stranraer, in RCAF West Coast markings. I did this for a group build, was rushed, and did a poor job on the paint. I also dropped it and had to repair the struts and at that point I didn't bother to rig it. I see another in the future as this is a heck of a way to treat an icon …

You may have seen this at SMW this year, in the CBK Frog display. 99% OOB including the decals - the 1% is a piece of Strutz to replace the spreader between the floats. I had a lot of trouble with the wing joints and getting the floats on square (they aren't).

The next two are 1/144, both done for Blitzbau's on UAMF/CBK.

This is the Airfix Boeing 314 Clipper. It's a rather nice model -- the raised detail is very delicately done and looks quite nice. I had no real problems with the build, other than being on a time crunch. Completely OOB including the decals.

And this is the Matchbox re-pop of the Otaki Dornier Do-X. Actually a very nice build except again I got in a time crunch with all the engines, support struts, and props to get on neatly. Completely OOB, amazingly because the Chinese Matchbox decals usually go west when they get near water.

Lastly, one of my favorites -- the Classic Airframes 1/48 Walrus. I did this for an IPMS/USA review. It's OOB. I'm going to do another sometime -- I want to add the light bomb racks under the wings and a few other things. It's a challenge, not just because of the geometry of the offset engine but because it is a CA kit -- love 'em or hate 'em.

So, that's all I have to show. I've got some sea/floatplanes in the stash -- the usual CBK's, several vacform 'tween wars flying boats, and the Silver Wings Southampton II, which I'd like to be my next project.

Oh, and congratulations on the inaugural showing at SMW this year !!!

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Hi !! and an Introduction with photos ...
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